is an ever brewing idea to expand the experience and appreciation of coffee beyond the morning cup of joe.








From burlap shoes to coffee by the pound, we are taking the bean farther than it has ever been before.


It was in a small coffee shop in Masatepe, Nicaragua, where this idea was first pressed and we began making bags and purses out of used coffee sacks. The idea then spilled into other uses such as burlap shoes, pillows, and eventually lamp shades. The lamp shade led us to needing a stand, and one made out of the trunk of a coffee tree seemed to make the perfect blend. With the intention of not letting anything go to waste, the finishing touches on the wood are stained with itself – coffee.

Here at Beto's Coffee Company, we are hand-making All Things Coffee. 


Meet Don Beto,

the name sake of our company.

Don Beto is a shoemaker from Masatepe, Nicaragua. He has been handcrafting shoes since he was only 12 years old. All of our products are designed and handmade by Don Beto at our Masatepe store. His handiwork is heartfelt and well made.

But, it's not for Don Beto's trade that his name represents our coffee company, but rather for what he stands for. 

Don Beto is an influencer in his community and a leader of transformation for those around him. Today, his family represents three generations who continue to carry the message of faith and love to those around them. His life is proof that the faithfulness of one person can multiply exponentially into a community of influential people. A river flows peacefully to replenish the thirst of the land while having the strength to reshape rock in the process. The actions of Don Beto are like a river, reshaping lives for a greater cause. Don Beto represents exactly who we want to be as an organization.  



Come in and enjoy a cup of coffee with us.

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